Harmonize with paradise

Harmonize with paradise

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Thursday, March 5, 2015


1.Choose wisely what you purchase. This is not difficult. When you go to the supermarket just make sure that the product you want to buy has the little recycle friendly symbol on it somewhere.
2.Empty all the containers you are done with and compact them into smaller items. Doing this will be a great space saver and will reduce the amounts of garbage bags and it will mean less trash transportation.
3.One container for each product. Every container will be specifically for one ole material. 4.Reuse. A lot of objects that we throw away could be used for other functions. This will help reduce the amount of trash helping us find a purpose for it instead and it could even save you money. 5.Make a compost. An excellent way to reuse trash in an organic way. Throw all your "food" or "raw" trash in there. It does wonders for our planets flora. They even sell trash cans with separators for it that seal shut.
It does seem like much but practicing these 5 ecofriendly habits actually helps our environment in a tremendous way!

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