Harmonize with paradise

Harmonize with paradise

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Cancun and its surroundings are beautiful places that you must be acquainted with if you want to practice ecotourism or if you are seeking to harmonize your mind, body and spirit. Here's a complete guide on Ecotourism, Ecology, and Wellness, that will help you find the harmony that evokes the Caribbean blue water and white sand. www.ecocancun.com

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Be a responsible traveler!!

Ecotourism is a form of tourism that involves a responsible and conscientious manner, with nature and the environment that surrounds it, including the local community.

Traveling in Harmony: Research your intended destination prior to travelling. A better understanding of the country you are visiting will hold in far better stead for all aspects of your trip.

FREE YOGA Lesson with Alejandro Maldonado

YOGA FREE Lesson with Alejandro Maldonado in Cancun Pokta Pok Golf Course

Monday June 28th, 10:00 am

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HOLBOX DREAM Hotel deal!*50% discount per night in double occupancy!

Holbox Dream Hotel. Surrounded by charming Mexican-Caribbean architecture, you’ll rediscover nature as you step outside of civilization. Unwind and relax on Holbox Island, where you can get anywhere on foot, by bicycle, or by golf cart.

HOLBOX Island Tour.

HOLBOX Island Tour. This island is part of the Yum Balam Biosphere Reserve. Experience the great photo opportunities on Little Bird Island where important aquatic birds such as Pink Flamingos, Egrets, Herons, Cormorants, White and Brown Pelicans, Terns, etc. nest.