Harmonize with paradise

Harmonize with paradise

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Cancun and its surroundings are beautiful places that you must be acquainted with if you want to practice ecotourism or if you are seeking to harmonize your mind, body and spirit. Here's a complete guide on Ecotourism, Ecology, and Wellness, that will help you find the harmony that evokes the Caribbean blue water and white sand. www.ecocancun.com

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Disconnect everything when not in use, is a good way to save energy everyday!

Desconecta todo lo que no usas, es una buena forma de ahorrar energía todos los días.

On making mistakes

Mistakes matter. How you recover from them matters even more. The best way to handle a mistake is to learn from the mistake. Then you’ll not repeat it nor ever be paralysed by the fear of making another mistake.