Harmonize with paradise

Harmonize with paradise

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Monday, March 16, 2015


I was looking up tours and events to write about in today's blog when I came across "Xochimilco". which is an amazing Tour that takes you to a magical place full of fiesta, music and a place full of Mexican tradition and culture. The tour takes you back to a time and place of el tiempo de oro, time of the gold. It takes place on these beautiful boat like transported full of color, life and flowers, you sail away and have dinner and drinks amongst friends and family. I definitely recommend it! However as I was looking up this tour I came across an article talking about a creature. "mexicos sea monster". The axolotl, scientifically known as Abystoma mexicanum, more commonly known as a Mexican salamander. It is said to have originated in the lake Xochimilco by Mexico city. They are usually mistaken to be fish but they are actually amphibians. They have been used a lot for scientific studies because that can reproduce limbs; along with that, the fact that they were part of the common Aztec diet , water contamination,(which I have preached about in previous blogs), pollution and high volumes of populations, they were named to be close to extinction in 2010. This is a grateful creature that has the gift of regeneration and it is nearly close to extinction due to humans not knowing how to treat our environment and you probable had no idea this incredible animal existed. Imagine what other victims we've killed off with out even realizing..... Just something ti think about....

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